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Our AI platform monitors your CCTV to automatically detect weapons and other threats

Video: Weapon-Detection Drone Platform – Prototype #1, Demo #1 (Part 2)

Who we are

Ultimate Systems is a new AI startup with technology that is ready to disrupt major industries, initially with monitoring and surveillance systems, both civilian and military.

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What we do

We’ve developed a new, state-of-the-art technology leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed by Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to monitor images or any other data source, and raise an alert when something of interest is detected. Our core technology is useful in a broad range of applications. Over the next few weeks we’ll be uploading demo videos showing some of our working prototypes, as proof of concept — so watch this space.

For example, one working prototype is a CCTV platform that detects weapons, such as a knife or gun, with high reliability (demonstrated through >1,000 different test scenarios). This is already a working solution, available to use right now.

We now seek investors of all types and sizes, in a first round of funding that will enable us to polish our offering, particularly the software UX/UI, to develop our products, and to invest in marketing and PR.

We also seek industry partners who can help us to integrate and refine our products, to give us access to more data, and to help us reach more potential users and customers.

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Video: Weapon-Detection Drone Platform – Prototype #1, Demo #1
Video: Weapon-Detection CCTV Platform – Prototype #1, Demo #1

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